Prairie Modern Addition - Edina, MN

Edina boasts some of the most-desired neighborhoods in the metro area, but this demand comes with its perils, as the area has seen a boom in tear-downs and redevelopment projects that threaten to compromise the city’s residential fabric. We present a new approach to the problem in this radical transformation of an existing 1920s Edina home. While the existing Prairie Style home was vastly undersized for the neighborhood (700 SF footprint), our clients loved its charm, craftsmanship, and unique location. After exploring all possible options, we were able to create a dramatically transformed, modern home that is sensitive to its history and surroundings.

Our challenge was to create a contemporary, open space suitable for the clients’ frequent desire to entertain, while working with the constraints of limited ceiling heights, interior load-bearing walls, and a uniquely configured lot. Our solution is an interweaving of modern and historic in a "Prairie Modern" style, with an emphasis on connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

By lowering the floor to the new great room, we created a grand space while also providing a direct connection to the outdoor patio at grade. Between new and old, we created the centerpiece of the home - a contemporary open stair of steel structure and stained poplar screening.
To further accommodate entertaining, we designed a pass-through window from the kitchen to patio, which allows for easy serving and conversational connection. The resulting additions also create 3 distinct outdoor spaces: front porch, back patio, and side-yard green space. This connection to exterior spaces allows the moderate-sized addition to live larger than its footprint.

Whether designing in Edina, or any other developed areas, we believe there is only one appropriate style: a modern sensibility with a keen understanding of the past. Through thoughtful architectural design, we can preserve our great neighborhoods while creating new spaces for modern lifestyles.

Project Team:

Construction - South Face Creative Builders

Interiors - Anna Berglin Design

Photography - Vick Photography